Delivering value at the margin

Marginal Value Partners LLC provides  Zero Equity Nurturing©, or ZEN©, to self-selected high-potential entrepreneurs. Our raison d’être is to answer Mahatma Gandhi’s challenge “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Our investment approach is, indeed, boldly. We are not a fund per se, since we do not traffic in the crack of early stage financing. Instead, we provide our acolyte companies the invaluable value that comes with being tapped by MVP.

Our mission is to free talented entrepreneurs from meddling acumen and the false security of accounting, so they may push the envelope of abysmal failure in search of enormous screw-you wealth. We are compelled to pay forward our good fortune to the brave entrepreneurs of the next generation: men, women and transgenders sucking down energy drinks 24/7 to make the world a better place for themselves and the rest of mankind.  Alright, mostly for themselves, but we aren’t going to get all technical.

What makes MVP singularly unique?  No other extant early stage investment firm has the conviction—dare we say the “juevos”—to undertake Zero Equity Nurturing©. Not surprising, no other partnership has ever matched the net present value of MVP’s future successes.