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Tumblr Dice

The announcement of an $85 million dollar venture round was the second surprise we’ve had over Tumblr.  The first was discovering it’s not a stemware company.

MVP passed on Tumblr when it was looking for funding earlier in its life.  Frankly, we don’t like this blogging with pictures thing.  First, It’s voyeuristic and we avoid investing in anything that is best described by a word we have to look up.

Second, the missing “i” from “Tumblr” is the tell for a dirty little secret.  The engine of Tumblr’s growth is the poor orthography of our youth.  (OK, we looked that one up, too.) Rather than assist bloggers with their spelling challenges, Tumblr encourages “authors” to replace a thousand words of thoughtful text with a blurry Instagram of their dog.  It is just another chink in the armoire that was our educational system.

And third, most people suck at taking pictures.  String a bunch of bad photos together and you don’t get a compelling story; you get Uncle Seymour’s slide show of his Hawaiian vacation.  And who wants to sit through that again?

Instead, what the world needs is a way to publish smaller blogs — itty-bitty blogs, if you will.  One where limits on the size of the blog cause the written content to be succinct, even if incoherent.  MVP is on the hunt for such a company.  If know of one, we would appreciate you giving us a peep.

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  1. Hey, great article! I just checked out Tumblr; aren’t they fantastic?

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