Delivering value at the margin


We have never understood why partners at other firms brag about being limited? Our Managing Directors are unlimited in supporting entrepreneurs in their quest to become post-economic or die trying.


Lackland Forsyth, Founder, Managing Director and ZEN master

Lack is the I. Claudius Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Boca Raton University Graduate School of Business.  He is the author of numerous letters to scholarly journals and of more than 20 legal appeals.

Lack has been starting and backing ventures most of his life.  An early interest in personal injury protection produced the philosopher’s stone of elementary education: turning (entirely voluntary) milk money contributions into fudgesicles.  In his college dorm room Lack founded, the world’s largest aubergine exchange and an early venture at the nexus of organics and insolvency.

The impetus for our Orange Initiative was Lack’s longstanding relationship with entrepreneurs-in-residence at corrections facilities across the United States.  The Orange Initiative is the charity of choice for numerous celebrities and former investment bankers.  The Orange Initiative intensively researches the recycling of prison uniforms into useful products, such as shoelaces and rope.  The Orange Initiative is dedicated to finding opportunities in the tech world for the self-deinstitutionalized.  Lack is proud to be heading up OI’s collaboration with a prominent computer manufacturer to translate gang signs into touchpad gestures.

Lack sits on our compensation, audit and restitution committees, and is the editor of our blog.


Brad “Boy” Suzuki, Founder and Managing Director

Boy has so many “firsts” in the Book of World Records, that he has a separate listing for most firsts relentlessly submitted to the editors again and again.

Boy was the first evangelist at Apple to be promoted to Archangel.  He was the first to receive the company’s prestigious St. Peter award for evangelizing Apple’s  “Tools for Fools,” growing that business from zero revenue with a 150% growth CAGR.

Boy was the first to train an entire Philippine town to author tweets under his nom de ‘net’; first to employ a Chinese village to retweet; and first to hire a Jamaican call center to generate comments on retweets.  Boy also started the forward and secondary markets for Twitter derivatives on the Chicago Board of Trade.  It’s this kind of holistic approach to self-aggrandizement that Boy brings to every one of his portfolio companies.

Boy sits on our compensation, luncheon and appropriating committees.